* Independent spirit willing to cross party lines to get the work done

* Solution oriented not problem focused

*Sees investment in Education as a key to our economic growth and sustainability

*Recognizes the reality of climate change and the need for environmental responsibility including investing in renewable/alternative energy while balancing economic and business interests

*Seeks to solve the problems with growing costs of healthcare

*Understands that you can respect 2nd Amendment rights AND pass sensible gun safety reform 

*Seeks solutions to the opioid epidemic and the source of the problem such as lack of mental health resources

*Seeks humane immigration policy that balances respect for past, current and future immigrants with the need for safe and secure borders

*Supports term limits for Congress

*Wants a better, fairer, sensible election system that ensures voting access to all citizens with limits on corporate and special interest donations and strong stance on interference by foreign nationals

* Understands that women can lead the way to a better functioning Washington by working together and seeking those things that unite us rather divide us!

* BONUS: helps if she has a golden truth telling lasso and invisible plane

We know that not every candidate will match this profile, but it gives you an idea of what we are looking for with a focus on those seeking to put party before country.

we all have a wonder woman.jpg