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What Unites Us - Education

Education is a top issue for every candidate and every voter. From making sure our children receive the education they deserve to student loan debt, many issues impact all voters. And this year, more teachers than ever are running for office. Over 1000 are seeking offices, most on the state level.

In this “What Unites Us” we highlight a two of the teachers running for Congress.

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What Unites Us - We are Moms

With a few exceptions, most of the women running for Congress this year are Moms. It’s what unites so many women running — regardless of party and ideology. And also unites us, the voters.

In this “What Unites Us” we highlight three of the many Moms running for Congress in this election: a mom who fought for childcare, a mom who fought to be a mom, and a mom who fights every day in memory of her son.

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What Unites Us - Healthcare

Healthcare is the top issue in this MidTerm election. Issues around the costs of healthcare, issues regarding access, Medicare/Medicaid, mental illness, addiction all top discussions at debates and in the news. Everyone is concerned that one illness could lead their family to bankruptcy.

Among the amazing women running for Congress in this upcoming election are a few with experience in healthcare including a nurse, a doctor and a medicaid whistleblower.

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What Unites Us - Veterans Running for Congress

What Unites Us –Veterans Running for Congress

Today we start a new Series called “What Unites Us” highlighting women running for Congress from all parties who have something in common – and something we may even have in common with them or at least respect them for.

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