Frequently Asked Questions - or really, just questions we think you’re going to ask so we’re trying to beat you to it. :-)

Who are you people?

Just a bunch of concerned friends who got together to try to make a difference in this crazy world. We think it’s about time that women had equal representation in Congress. Did you know that women make up only 23.4% of the leaders in Congress? AND that’s after the big wins in 2018 which saw a record number of women win Congressional offices. That’s pretty ridiculous, don’t you think?

Really? Or is this just some front for Dark Money?

Really — just college friends who are frustrated and needed to do something. We worked hard to get this together to try to impact the MidTerm election on November 6 with a greater goal of 50/50 gender equity by 2020. We are not connected with any larger organizations. Corporations and foreign nationals may NOT contribute to this Committee. This is a grassroots effort from people just like you. Well maybe not just like you. ‘Cuz we don’t know you yet. But probably just like you.

OK - but do you really think you can make this happen?

Yes, we know it’s a BIG GOAL but as they say, if you shoot for the moon at the very least you’ll land in the stars. We saw that on a mug somewhere.

So, you just really hate men, huh?

NO, not at all! We just feel it’s time for equal representation. A Congress that looks more like America is better for everyone!

What is a PAC any way?

A PAC is a Political Action Committee, an organization formed to raise money and support candidates and issues in elections. There are many different types. Some you may have heard of are Super PACs — they often are seen as Dark Money and corporate PACs. We are NOT that type of PAC.

We are a multi-candidate PAC that is NOT connected with any one candidate or organization. Although there are PACs out there that support women candidates, there are not many that are PAN-Partisan, supporting ALL women running for office.

You’re probably just supporting Democrats, right?

Actually, we are PAN-PARTISAN — we support all parties. Many of us are pretty sick of this two party system but are stuck with it for now so we are looking at both Democrats and Republicans primarily. But we’ll also support candidates in other parties or better yet INDEPENDENTS! We LOVE Independents! Have you seen any? We’re trying to find them so let us know.

OK, I’m interested. Now what?

JOIN US! Donate $50.50 or more (cute, huh?) and you can help us find great candidates to support and get involved in our efforts AND we’ll send you a cute sticker. Or you can donate $20.20 (see what we did there?) and we’ll also send you the cute sticker. Or you can donate anywhere from $5 to $5,000. If you donate $5,000 we may have to give you a hug. If you’re ok with that. Go to our Donation page now and join us on this crazy journey!!

We are also seeking State Captains to help spread our mission nationwide. If you are interested, please email us at: 5050by2020PAC@gmail.com

So, I just donated — what are you going to do with my money?

First off — THANK YOU! We appreciate your support! And your 50/50 by 2020 sticker is on the way! We pool donations and use it to purchase advertising on social media — primarily Facebook and Instagram. We create social media posts with candidate information and then pay to “boost” those posts in order to reach voters and help them to learn more about those candidates. Our goal is to boost posts that mention ALL the women running for Congress in this next election. Our advertising is focused on sharing information and we do not partake in negative advertising.