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We are excited to select Alyse Galvin as our first candidate endorsement of the 50/50 by 2020 Committee!

Alyse is an Independent/Undeclared candidate although she ran in the Democratic Primary. The Democratic Party in Alaska allows Undeclared candidates to run and has an open primary allowing any voter to vote in their primary.

One key quality that attracted us to Alyse was her willingness to put party aside and seek solutions for the common good. “Voters are excited for an independent candidate who is going to drop partisan battles and get to solutions for Alaskans,” said Alyse Galvin. “Alaskans are looking for someone who will work for the people — not corporate PACs and special interests. I am that leader, and I can’t wait to serve all Alaskans in Congress.” (see press release Oct 12)

Candidate Brief
Running for: AK - At-Large, House of Representatives

Party: None - Independent

Education and Experience: Degree in political science from University of California San Diego; teacher, small business owner, community organizer

Why She’s Running: “Strong public education, jobs with real wage growth, and quality, comprehensive health care are the keys to growing the diversified economy of Alaska’s future. That’s why I’m running as an Independent candidate for Congress.” (see

Opponent: Don Young, 85 year old Incumbent who has held the office since 1973! He is currently the longest serving member of the House.

Latest Polls: As of October 14, Alyse is trailing her opponent by 2%. (see

Recent Interview: From Two Broads Talking Politics podcast

How you can help: Help us help Alyse beat the odds and add an Independent woman to the House! Donate Here You can also make calls on behalf of Alyse — learn more here.

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In Congress, I will bring new, forward-thinking leadership to build an innovative economy for jobs, fix the mess that is our healthcare system and tackle the opioid epidemic that is tearing apart our communities.
— Alyse Galvin, Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Alaska

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